Old Man Whack-A-Mole

[apologia ] The following rhyme, written for the fun of it, turns out to have some unexpected  uses and points to it. It also grew to have idiosyncratic points on some related folks, near and far.

A twinge here
A pain there
A cramp now
A spasm then
A twitch of eye
A itch stops by
A toe stub
A pen flub
A tender to touch
A soreness much
A stumble gait
A fact recalled late
A tremor when one tries to reach
A garbled,halting, slurring speech
A fact forgot
A spoon let drop
A spill of beer
A flowing tear
A bright flashback
A denture set goes clackety-clack
A slow start stream
A nightmare dream
A blinding car headlight beam
A chance gone by
A drifting floater in the eye
A sudden fall
A short temper for folderol
A in neck crick
A lost walking stick
A slip of tongue aim let profane
A sudden noise or trip gets the blame
A sought for word not found
A mad stump of foot on ground
A need to file more income tax
A loss of mind to tax forms wracks
A piece of steak yet too tough to chew
A full set of teeth these day too few
A bowl of milk toast just will not do
A cataract is now a fact
A Lasik, phakoemulsion, IOL get into the act
A brace for knee
A brace for all the vertebrae
A high top shoe pair with arch lifters
A shod way to deter to drifters
A nail ingrown on some toes
A new thing,gout,comes and goes
A spate of one or two arthritis
A finger joint now come to bite us
A license out of date for driver
A miss at times of fifty for fiver
A lot of cons now got your number
A big fact you must remember
A listen folks into your hearing aid speak
A frustration when the darn things squeak
A social security number ID
A Medicare-Medicaid quagmire to be
A ‘hair today gone tomorrow’
A quip meant to humor sorrow
A try to close both eye and stand one foot
A scene of you on flat floor put
A loss of getting what young folks are saying
A good bet you got that they aren’t praying
A shift now to those aluminum walkers
A good chance you’ll outlive these gawkers
A plan to go out then a shoestring snaps
A length so short leaves four-hole gaps
A shoe noe oh so loose
A gait now waddling like a goose
A hair once on the pate arose
A growth of hair in ears and nose
A flight of stairs once lept leaps and bounds
A mountain high now appears both ups and downs
A barefoot now on a pebble as we get older
A sense the thing is big as boulder
A little slurring of the speech
A tendency now to yell and screech
A big shy away from a low seat sit
A stand up from it is hard to ‘git’
A tendency to be somewhat awkward
A plopping of caps and hats on backward
A pain-free knee use is still uncertain
A tangling up in wet shower curtain
A sure thing, one day there’ll be a big fall
A primary intake nurse acuity folderol
A rare day now and then when body perky
A frequent day when body is herky-jerky
A good night’s sleep and you act energetic
A few hours later your drives be pathetic
A life when you are eight decades grown
A time has come for you to shun the phone
A sense you can’t get all that’s said
A bad reply is then formed in your head
A writing of letters becomes way to go
A way to edit makes message ‘just so’
A letter let’s you ponder, preterit
A better way then to portray it
A shift from risky telephoning
A move let’s doing more precise honing
A letter is more likely to get it right
A way to then sleep better all night
A repeated trite old person phrase
A setting of oneself in one’s own ways
A tried and true way guides waning days
A quickness do oldies anger people some
A hopeless trend makes makes elders glum
A soul with eighty years plus on line
A waster of time he does not incline
A good night’s sleep can’t be all passive
A need there is to be more aggressive
A warming pad in the small of beck
A recline on that helps back pain lack
A heavy sigh, ‘Because I left on lights.’
A hint that oldies shouldn’t drive nights
A car that now can’t get up and go
A destination to now I must trudge in snow
A wise famed judge says ‘Stay out of court.’
A kind he meant both criminal and tort
A state,’I am old; was it worth it?’
A despair idea, ‘oh shit I split
A sense that most of life has flown
A time nears to accept unknown
A cough that is dry never coughed before
A sneeze, one or three but never four
A mind-body link becomes less together
A slack comes to this basic tether
A brain alone can’t do its basic hustle
A sharp brain must have active muscle
A thought is a total body thing
A mind and body cooperating
A piece of thinking becomes less sage
A feature of this older age
A myth is that with age comes wisdoms
A fact, it’s merely accumulated sums
A harken back to middle school math
A permutation combination is the path
A memory have you as good as this?
A place of honor you made Dean’s List
A fading muscle may also ache
A sign to you to less poundage take
A twisting stand up from bed to floor
A steadying hand need on wall or door
A rising up sum of wakes he sits
A short time after all those obits
A unique stat, we are all unique alone
A fate for all unless we can clone
A foundling we, on church door steps
A range we have, exquisite to inepts
A name in fame we sometimes utter
A bigwig from some manse or gutter
A white cell queing helps get wounds healed
A leukocyte army to take the field
A temp can’t rise to give a fever
A group of oldies has lost this lever
A pharaoh knows he can use fresh garlic
A staying well way to Nile trips frolic
A’you are getting old’not meant to fright
A such achievement says you did some right
A very tiny water sip is best to take
A good practice when we first awake
A gulp or bigger goes down the trach
A hacking cough if this err we make
A good thing let’s sips find their way
A great guide for the rest of the day
A comfort of a good sort of morning
A simple but valued proper elder warning
A few square yards of dry wrinkled skin
A loose droopy bag we all live in
A bottle cap on just too tight
A pliers to loosen it not in sight
A tolerance for booze now diminished
A good time whoopee though not finished
A hearty hot breakfast of ‘oat’cuisine
A whimsical meal quite often seen
A tummy pang heralds need for lunch
A signal for the ‘metracal’ for lunch bunch
A cooper is maker of booze barrels
A caroller is slurer of Christmas carols
A saying says for each ethanol ounce
A prime neuron is given the good-bye bounce
A cold feet feeling when room is quite warm
A curious thing? it’s a full bladder warn
A drinker so stoner he cannot arise
A throbbing headache then no surprise
A thing annoying sots they just abhor
A frustrating thing picking keys off floor
A strange thing happens post pints of stout
A waking at home despite blackout
A scary thought, ‘Did I hurt someone?’
A can’t recall how I got back home
A pair of upper arms that ache
A point where deltoid attachments make
A not infrequent eye double take
A task to take t-shirt off overhead
A’Why not leave it on instead?’
A one side ear wax plug annoying
A pinky finger in there cloying
A clicking, clicking Eustachian tube
A hold the nose and chug-a-lug
A more morning time it takes to get in gear
A thing we learn with each added year
A daily wake now like Rip Van Winkle
A world dust beset by opioid sprinkle
A pair of Presidents with atomic bombs
A debate from which nation best whore comes
A hand beset with arthritic thumb
A needle thread task too hard for some
A thumb is handy to retrieve some plums
A thing to hitch rides with if car comes
A ‘quite the digit’ are one’s two thumbs
A saving sign for gladiators
A bad omen for ‘sadiators’
A thumbs up thumbs down, was ancient Roman
A thing now seen some web site roaming
A thing oft said,’A word for it had Greeks.’
A fast forward now and greet our geeks
A way to protect your privacy rights
A stay away from social web sites
A dog of old can learn new tricks
A way to this is to toss new sticks
A ditto repeat this idea
A fetch and bring then comes clear
A stick toss whether far or near
A warm head pat for doggie dear
A man’s best friend will love you still
A loved pet adores this drill
A dog of old might no more run
A romp though they love in the sun
A fanciful thing, they keep no score
A just good play time we all adore
A ‘Can you teach old bread new toast?’
A pudding be that old bread’s ghost
A master through actions once again
A message send to old dogs and men
A new learning may come so very slow
A still good thing so let’s give it a go
A repetition works yell year on year
A need to know this is awefully cl
A painful remark, ‘Damn, I just told you!’
A short, curt snarky,’Damn old fool you!’
A perplexing place this digital world
A quagmire unending electrons swirl
A web coursing through air, ether and lines
A low comfort place for most old folks minds
A low venture way into it called hacking
A word use for this when normal still lacking
A put belt through loops prior trousers on
A well planed move when arise each morn
A get up to go and belt not yet looped
A spine-shoulder twist pain then grouped
A row of balasters upstanding
A pair of balastrades their tops spanding
A fourteen riser count of steps twix landings
A builder’s up-down ramp is most demanding
A great architect thus in good standing
A safe ascent best uses limbs all four
A failure in this may ope fatal door
A fumble stumble then head over heels
A poor stand in for fun meant cartwheels
A coming to then, ‘I see twinkling stars.’
A wasted event since I’ve been in no bars
A look up from the landing below
A fear that that’s a long way to go
A soft, warm bed vision up in that room
A strong eagerness to so get there soon
A bedside prayer ‘My soul to keep.’
A drifting off soon to restful sleep
A waking later to be upstanding
A look down at that bottom landing
A focus of eyes on each next step
A use of all four limbs must be kept
A tentative step down now begins
A bent neck watch as by each step wins
A sign of victory when bottom is reached
A man of old what practitioners preached
A flower apropos this time of mine
A none other then the Bristle Cone Pine
A geezer may miss-communicate
A tenuous time to state thing straight
A mixed message-up gap in sentence said
A mind eccentric with facts that fled
A residual sense of grammar
A learning put there by teachers’ hammer
A set of eyes that surely sport blind spots
A retina over time gets blank cell slots
A wonder over time, ‘What makes sense?’
A good guess perhaps that mind fled hence
A geezer should cautiously wend his way
A suitable path to just make the day
A clumsy old man will knock things over
A look-like fall from the White Cliffs of Dover
A sure thing, he will knock another ove
A frequent act as he tries recover
A doing numbers on the heart let’s say
A heart beats ninety thousand times a day
A fist sized muscle must surely hustle
A heroic heart as we through life tussle
A loner this heart except for diaphragm
A pair this is in breathing’s diagram
A heart rate,sixty every minute
A breath rate sixteen keeps our life in it
A rest, take time off if you are quite smart
A way to respite give your ageing heart
A heart beats thirty-two million times a year
A number this big to keep life in gear
A four billions count at age eighty-five
A miracle this, has kept oldies alive
A saying, ‘With all my heart I love you!’
A thing more true if cooed by turtle dove
A slight of tongue when said by human creature
A heart-felt love needs no words a feature
A wheelchair is old folks get about means
A familiar sight too in health care scenes
A wheelchair is a junior gurney
A forerunner to prone-supine journey
A wheelchair rider looks all around
A gurney rider looks up or down
A wheelchair often can be self propelled
A gurney needs someone it to impel
A wheelchair goes forward, backward and spins
A gurney goes straight or arcs outs and ins
A wheelchair goes simultaneous planes
A gurney travels as if on roadway lanes
A wheelchair has wheels, casters. belts for laps
A gurney has wheels, side rails and straps
A wheelchair has rims and handles to push
A well engineered machine to hold a tush
A borborygmus in social setting
A not so bad as hot gas letting
A natural thing at a formal scene
A cannot hold back what we do not mean
A shyness bringer when we must do it
A slight embarrassment, most eschew it
A hang nail
A breath stale
A pacemaker pinging
A pair of ears ringing
A lawn that’s weedy
A wardrobe that’s seedy
A stepladder no place for manly pride
A set of parallel rungs just inches wide
A time to just put that job aside
A ladder is a waiting accident
A let’s think it over before ascent
A pair of old legs is most likely weak
A set of limbs with weakness down so deep
A ladder rung is so slim front to back
A too small area for footprints’ stack
A time when just one step up is needed
A hand on stable hold must be heeded
A caution,’mount ladders alone?’Never!
A catch-you-person nearby is clever
A surprise party seems soon in the works
A birthday kind for me in the house lurks
A ‘come on’ says friend hired to be sitter
A dire need for us to find some glitter
A geezer often finds himself waiting
A blow-off aft, “I’ll be right back.” stating
A time growing long ’til ‘geeze’ gets antsy
A ‘Shall I go in to learn friend’s fancy?’
A time to now take ‘tut-tut’ off the shelf
A sure thing he did the same thing himself
A geezer has learned, take something to read
A smart move ’til ‘friend’ gets back up to speed
A bag in hand as he grasps car handles
A spilling out of near ninety (!)candles
A man this old has a bit of aplomb
A plan he has to help gala along
A feigning he does to look far away
A ‘pass’ for his friend so he need not say
A word about contents spilled that way
A wish for everyone to have fun birthday
A first time black cat I ever saw
A one-eyed stray with a missing paw
A sister of mine, most loving ilk
A quick caring with fresh bowl of milk
A three-pawed kitty walked quite well
A hint it would be here only short spell
A clean up lick at back door that day
A morning depart, it went its way
A character study on loving ways
A loving sister all her days
A contact lens
A new depends
A joy of home ownership
A faucet that wont stop its drip
A stopped up drain
A cracked window pane
A stuck door
A wet floor
A termite
A blown light
A cracked ceiling
A paint peeling
A mailbox rusted
A shower head crusted
A microwave turntable won’t turn
A codger’s pabalum gets ash burn
A stink bug
A trip rug
A driveway block
A rusted lock
A lawn needs mowing
A toilet tank flowing
A ‘No Soliciting’ sign emphatic
A doorbell erratic
A slippery walk
A law suit talk
A hot attic dusty
A lawn chair rusty
A property tax upgoing
A toilet tank every flowing
A meter reader
A seed-needing bird feeder
A neighbor keeps you out of sight
A nine foot fence? you to spite
A suicide thought comes while still healthy
A creeping emotion comes stealthy
A garbage collected
A leaky beg selected
A door outside seeking
A line of ort drops leaking
A window screen loose
A bug stopper of little use
A codger, geezer, old man synonyms
A trio of them with oddest whims
A teabag tag into mug hot water slips
A try to get it, burnt finger tips
A laugh maker geezer’s sense of humor
A Witzelsucht tumor was just rumor
A debate on geezer must include brains
A repartee must say how much remains
A thing not far from elbow funny bone
A bad humor more like head hit by stone
A sexy comment at precise wrong time
A likely sign of leaving brain behind
A codger can screw up and not know it
A salacious thought comes, codgers throw it
A geezer an ‘foul mouth’ sans restriction
A main sign of sexual joke addiction
A sensual fantasy of long past days
A fading desire to repeat those plays
A try to test something that ‘usta’ work
A finding that they must now elsewhere lurk
A collection hidden of ‘Playboy’ stash
A geezer’s valuation? Lots of cash
A dirty old man geezer no more can
A getup way to execute his plan
A decision he must live with this
A resolve to accept hit or miss
A decade comes octogenarian
A comfort mere utilitarian
A trashcan knocked
A driveway blocked
A car paint long scratch was keyed
A wonder, ‘Who would do this? breed
A tire deflated
A service man inebriated
A gas tank emptied
A short walk tempted
A gas cap missing
A motor hissing
A motor concks out
A lost way route
A station miles away
A day with clouds of gray
A snowfall starts
A test for hearts
A should I trudge?
A ground now sludge
A gas can nowhere in trunk
A lot of utter useless junk
A length of rubber siphon tube
A hope to see a passing rube
A teabag in hot water too long
A cup of tea way, way too strong
A teabag in water not long enough
A cup of warmish tepid stuff
A twiddle time cinching scrub suit strings
A chance discomfort night time brings
A scrub suit? Yes, used as bottoms PJs
A no, no, don’t do that hospital says
A looseness risks some small exposure
A practice tying surgeons’ knots
A use for PJs and useful clots
A geezer codger elder falls asleep
A new ‘fizzology’ does then in creep
A heart rate slows and the temperature drops
A new way of thinking head-brain upcrops
A thing has come to be called dreams
A wide new viewing of odd scenes
A clear fuzzy set of new ideas
A failure to jot down will bring disappears
A tiny hole in my cup styrofoam
A loss of all coffee when I got home
A big stain on my new car seat
A claim can’t be made,’My car is neat.’
A promise next time it will be all water
A late claim, ‘Maybe I shoulda oughta.’
A statement, ‘Next time it may be soda’
A biggest cocktail will then be my coda
A decision to pause here I must mention
A gap now until something else gets attention
A promise if you read this far, no joke
A stalwart you are, deserving a coke
A sure thing if your will is strong sinewed
A ‘Bio’ like this will be continued
A warning,this thing may be extended
A new path is to have it amended
A sign-set common is balding and graying
A good cue that group,once intact fraying
A social circle now unravels
A shrinking klatch in which death dabbles
A bridge club or a club for dinner
A garden club though likely winner
A card player has smokes,a diner drinks
A green-thumber’s fresh air works out kinks
A day I went appointed to clinic
A place optimistic not yet cynic
A full staff of young resident doctors
A supervising group of great proctors
A staff most interested in learning
A now delayed focus on earning
A prompting of symptoms that led me there
A symptom fade says you may not need care
A group of newly trained quick young minds
A task to sort body versus angst kinds
A meticulous history taking
A good physical exam in the making
A thought comes up,order of which lab test
A big decision which x-ray is best
A time has now come with all these test results
A decision to ask for which consults
A going to bed to sleep appealing
A supineness now for look at ceiling
A tomorrow must-do dusting job
A task then to remove those webs of cob
A brief calm time between abed and sleep
A moment’s drifting to let ‘drowsies’ creep
A drift over into Morpheus’ Land
A dream exception to amnesia’s plan
A curious puzzle to dismember
A few forgot ‘v.’ those we remember
A geezer ‘sits still’ on the equator
A world passing flipping, ‘See you later’
A codger born not ready for this world
A codger’s chaos life around him swirled
A live geezer is over-achiever
A codger taunted as ‘eager beaver’
A man of old knows you can’t still be
A thousand miles per hour spin earth, land, sea
A ninety millions miles around the sun
A distance each day sit-still geezers run
A folding cane kept on my belt let’s say
A way to keep most falling down t bay
A British walking stick sports cool aplomb
A collection of these trims need for balm
A teen’s recall of British umbrellas
A step in rain and snap open them fellas
A real cool thing to impress the girls
A get under my rain thing, link arms curls
A geezer from our teen street-corner bunch
A ploy to entice some girl to share some lunch
A well dressed codger’s full-dress for the day
A stick, rain cover (brolly) paves the way





It took a lot of time to make the universe.

It took a lot of universe

to make the vertebrates.

It took a lot of vertebrates to make the human race.

It took a lot of human race

to make the you and me.

It took a lot of you and me

to make us who we be.

We are so new you see.

So, let it be; let it be. STUFF!





Eat and Peek and Dine and Dig

In our kitchen, while eating pottage
A solid routine in our cottage
Is a word book on kitchen table
So more words nourish with our staple.

Splattered now with spots of grease.
Aroma of bacon may never cease.
This page and that stuck sticky in place
By sugar treats from this table’s grace.

Covers, fronts, back and ribs resolute
Food spills to the book’s weight contribute.
Finger alphabet tabs didn’t escape,
Foods in them too as on dinner plate.

Word garden right there on the table.
Harvest does today’s minds enable.
Dictionary, our well done menu
Allows today’s goals thoughts pursue.

Glib wooing words tempt like Siren song,
Seduce us as we for sandwich long.
From time to time we ‘fridge’ raid at night
As nosh goes tasty, book comes in sight.

Words fill full the ridges of the brain,
Keeps them plumped as does bread by grain.
When we open cookie jars at night
Brain glucose need restocked just right.

Whenever it comes new times to eat
Our word book opens, we take a peak.
Breakfast,lunch,dinner,supper and snack
Aperitif,soup,nuts,sweets no words lack.

Many meals come from joy of cooking.
When we think it’s words we be looking.
Words most surely are good food for thought.
That book there for all sorts of scenes
From water thirst sip to haute cuisines.
Words fuel the intellect and IQ
We can’t think without them that’s their due.

’tis said word study keeps old nuns young
So they may ply Master’s words when sung.
We make no big claims to which to cling
Kitchen word book thus just our thing.