Counterintuitives of the Hoary

In sleep, muscles go all limp,
So all night bone joints agimp.*
Thus knees’, backs’ arthritic pain
When you awake is what you gain.

Stretch, yawn, stand; aches, hurts lessen.
Snug, tight garb need the lesson.
Close fit flight suits,** not jammies
Give those pains needed whammies.

Exoskeleton schemes may
Keep joints aligned; save the day.
When we wake, up muscles tone.
This we learn if old we’ve grown.

Joint damage olds’ nocturnal
Add to days’ sprains infernal.
‘Sleep tight.’your good parents said.
This way forward you they led.

Help out when old skin goes loose.
Nighttime muscle tone no use.
Support the skin, brace the bones
Less pain weekdays you will own.

Seems all backwards does it not.
Try it some not pills a lot.
If well done, little to lose.
Take it from this hoary muse.

* When muscle tone weakens because of lowered consciousness of sleep states
and skin elasticity weakens because of age the skeletal joints lose normal
alignment and integrity joints become painful because of gravity and body weight.

** Flight suits are form fitting garments often insulated and modifiable by midriff belts and multiple zippers, made in one piece meant to withstand forces of gravity and conditions likely in high flying aircraft and space vehicles.


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