23 Skidoo: For Me and You Sometimes

In every man some woman resides.
Upon his chromosome  X she strides.
In all marriages thus some same sex.
To claim otherwise lives’ reality wrecks
“It is in our DNA”, ’tis said.
Held basic prime long how people bred.
For good,  learn about DNA specs.
From there know embryology’s treks.
By Mom-Pop sex -made one cell we rose,
Then on to placenta for repose.
Gestations influences many
Make for outcomes wide ranging plenty
There’s no such thing as  a ‘real he man’.
YY chromosomes alone can’t stand.
XX had to come first there’s no doubt.
All XY does is genders spread out,
Break up and X, what you get is Y.
That’s the basis for the first ever guy.
Three-fourths  of all gender sex is X.
So follow them and see what comes next.
Chances far out past statistical noise
That humans can make sex ID. choice.
Mom’s ‘water’ Brownian Movements
Alone permute vast unique events.
Consider the true hermaphrodite,
See is some moralists get them right.
These folks want a license to marry!
KABOOM! Let all our ‘brains’ now scurry.

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