Eat and Peek and Dine and Dig

In our kitchen, while eating pottage
A solid routine in our cottage
Is a word book on kitchen table
So more words nourish with our staple.

Splattered now with spots of grease.
Aroma of bacon may never cease.
This page and that stuck sticky in place
By sugar treats from this table’s grace.

Covers, fronts, back and ribs resolute
Food spills to the book’s weight contribute.
Finger alphabet tabs didn’t escape,
Foods in them too as on dinner plate.

Word garden right there on the table.
Harvest does today’s minds enable.
Dictionary, our well done menu
Allows today’s goals thoughts pursue.

Glib wooing words tempt like Siren song,
Seduce us as we for sandwich long.
From time to time we ‘fridge’ raid at night
As nosh goes tasty, book comes in sight.

Words fill full the ridges of the brain,
Keeps them plumped as does bread by grain.
When we open cookie jars at night
Brain glucose need restocked just right.

Whenever it comes new times to eat
Our word book opens, we take a peak.
Breakfast,lunch,dinner,supper and snack
Aperitif,soup,nuts,sweets no words lack.

Many meals come from joy of cooking.
When we think it’s words we be looking.
Words most surely are good food for thought.
That book there for all sorts of scenes
From water thirst sip to haute cuisines.
Words fuel the intellect and IQ
We can’t think without them that’s their due.

’tis said word study keeps old nuns young
So they may ply Master’s words when sung.
We make no big claims to which to cling
Kitchen word book thus just our thing.



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