The chokepoint of human survival
World’s hematocrit has no rival.
End Times may be far off away.
Stop burning stuff is salvation’s way.

Yo! Howz it goin? Hello. What say?
New phatic soon: Howz ya crit today?
Humans can’t gumption to end cartels.
We blase’ burn any fossil that sells.

Now hail the hiding hematocrit;
Upon it the fate of humans sit.
Few get through climates’ final sieve
Some so very few of cultures live.

Will the remainder discriminate
Lessons learned from ancestors’ fate?
Distinguish immortals’ secern path?
Honor tree huggers who did the math?

Streaming changes in hematocrits’ flex
Here-to-fore too small for flowing check
Will come to be survivors’ elect.
Those appointed mankind’s future trek.

Yet no search streaming hematocrit.
But climate heat, that force majeure’s spit.
Quick dogs our heels with nips then bites.
Come only force on human plights.

Shifts in hematocrits once thought slow
Must quicken fast to adapt blood flow.
Learn hematocrit, no stone unturned.
WAKE! Not too early to be concerned.

So seek that hematocrit gene.
It’s critical to man’s future scene.
Remember that cloaca of yore
Whence comes erythropoietin’s store.

Red corpuscles, our quartermaster
Bob and weave through climes’ gauntlet jester.
Some exit the gate, so few sublime.
Go down and stand in courthouse line,
Select by license bloodflow genes
So clergy wed us will have the means.

We may survive cigarettes’ cancer slay.
We might get past the gun god someday.
Trauma, heart disease, strokes controlled.
Fewer lethals, still fewer enrolled.

Heat  per se still remains undefined
Beyond ‘energy of a thermo kind’.
We’ll never know how we were hexed.
So we leave this coil full perplexed.

Earth’s atmosphere our vital vessel,
Air-gas place where billions nestle.
What  WE  KNOW by our common sense
Polluting drops oxygen percents.

Death Valley’s floor to Everest’s top
We can’t go without oxygen stop.
Our erythrocytes can’t keep up
Future man must go up/down abrupt.

Maybe kids of athletes not doped
Will carry man’s torch as we had hoped.
You get the drift, no nitty gritty.
So now go down to science city.

Cultures decline in each kind’s time.
Lethal amendment spurs western kind.
Mutants down from La Rinconada go
Sex mutants come up from Jericho,
Issue from this may survive a while,
Long enough to inform science’ trial.





Philosophically speaking, in a moment,
The Universe did proportions foment.
Some matter, energy, postulated waves;
Some spaces, motions, spirits, feelings, craves.
Each knows all of gravity’s links mysteries.
Old seers got it as music of the spheres.
From such conundrums vast times increate
Here we want to show man’s survival state.


Landsteiner’s garden has vascular tree.
Lovingly tended for time all to see.
Produced blossoms he called A, B and C.
Ended blame error sick donor decree.

Saw transfusion deaths on sick donors blamed.
All-well donor pairs had deaths just the same.
So from donors he the stigmas removed,
To fling man from error he thus behooved.

Enabled mankind past law-givers’ ringers.
Emblements yours count more than ten fingers.
Past his Nobel leap so well deserved prize
Scientists love much more than we surmise.

He observed too much transfusion death
Tentatively explained. Answers bereft.
Experimented bloods thirty-six samples.
Concluded fact true three groups are all ample.

Deeply, widely prepared ready was he
Saved many by simple math 1, 2, 3,
So love, love this scientist, none finer
Loving ingenious Karl Landsteiner.


Harvey Oh Harvey, lifelong in virtue
Vast aplomb, penetrating wit on clue.
Danced adeptly through years tempestering
Gifted man with knowledge most nurturing.

Tended King James I during excursions
So Harvey around for Bible’s new versions.
Decades gave lectures, studied hens’ eggs
This science gave embryology legs.

Harvey did things well of many a kind,
Thus did Charles I share with him Royal Hind,
Comparing of these forest deer of red
Into proof of blood circles systems sped.

Your new idea went like five-cushion shot
Exposing ignorance by ricochet plot.
Against delusions new truth you taught
Vastly advancing improved human lots.

Heart sends round blood conduits miles 60K.
Five quarts circles 2K every day.
Such boggles the mind, but it’s nature’s way
Now all cleared up by William Harvey.

Crit’s pantheon has the rarest of few.
Huge heart with soul attached named Charles R. Drew.
He parsed blood, perfecting blood plasma.
Caused blood banks to life saving bonanza.
First use vital for troops Emerald Isle.
Now many wounded folks can extra mile.

D.C’s Foggy Bottom through Dunbar High,
Quick brained through Amherst his fast feet would fly.
Professed science, coached his jocks Morgan State,
Did at Harvard U. did this strong learner rate.
McGill Med School his blood transfusion piques.
At Howard U. this surgery prof. speaks.
Freedman’s hospital surgery withal.
Then Columbia Presby. Hospital call.
Did Red Cross good, then they folderol.
Default this bank by bigotry fall.
Beating adversity brings idolize?
Thus did Charles Drew deserve the Spingarn Prize.
Revised prime Negro to Colored to Black
He loved man despite lead Jim Crow on his back.
On to Presbyterian Hosp. New York.
Back to Howard U again for more work.
In these venues had fine Italian hand.
His love of man did greatly expand.
Last good done Tuskeegee Alabama.
Tragic end by N.C. racist hammer.

U S 2301710 A
Number from U.S. Patent Office say
Realized big shared brain work it took
To synthesize what for ‘eons’ did man look.
Life saving patent keeps on giving
Extends blood storage time for the living.


United States Founding Father story;
Franklin ne’er elected yet gained glory.
Hewson, Hematology; Father of.
Tenants shared this duo lofty minds above.

House at London’s 36 Craven Street
William Hewson and Ben Franklin meet.
Hewson in basement doing dissections;
Ben Franklin upstairs with care affections.

Hewson entreprenuers anatomy school.
Ben parlays as PA Assembly’s tool.
To what extent did Ben Franklin weigh in
Hewson’s proof blood clots due fibrinogen?

Hewson ‘SEES’ new system as lymphocytic.
Copley Prize this finding most emphatic.
Gut lacteals, lymphatic ducts, lymph node glands,
Spleen,thymus obscure then; man understands.

Hewson, Hunters, Monros clash; big minds do.
Ben Franklin arbitrates and calms who’s who.

Leewenhoek’s “grains of sand” view of red cell
By “Guinea flat” cell Hewson did dispel.
Not only that, Hewson said “cell mambrane”.
Masterstroke that for years remained arcane.


How does the heart know when to beat faster?
To run away or confront disaster?
Or to hot flush a crush when love first strikes?
Recall very first time when lovers say, “Yikes!”
When screwing was valued as people skills;
Not too long ago before dildo pills.

From senses, cerebrum gets the messages,
Packets them up,sends through nerve passages.
For millennia that’s the way it has been.
Now, from pills swallowed inside do hearts mien.

Deeper under folks brains front and center,
Blood-brain barrier says ‘pills’ can’t enter.
Resides our mighty hypothalamus.
Our backs it has despite what surrounds us.
So dildo pills operate far elsewhere;
Exemplars ways diminishing loves dare.
All life, that love, based one act pas de deux.
This vital pair, See O. Two – Pure Oh Two.


Sixty-thousand miles enveloped each skin
Fractalled blood vessels terpsichored within
Each and every cell fed around the clock.
Cells on this vast array all port-side dock.
Living cells thus cleansed and nourished.
Life by such, miraculously cherished.


Each body cell has own address to tell
Designated corpuscles where to dwell?
All cells have carbon dioxide to shed.
Oxygen / carbon two-to-one inbred.
Membrane to membrane on a plasma sea
Life flows on beyond mysteriously.
Cells and corpuscles must fully embrace
For this vital chemistry to take place.



23 Skidoo: For Me and You Sometimes

In every man some woman resides.
Upon his chromosome  X she strides.
In all marriages thus some same sex.
To claim otherwise lives’ reality wrecks
“It is in our DNA”, ’tis said.
Held basic prime long how people bred.
For good,  learn about DNA specs.
From there know embryology’s treks.
By Mom-Pop sex -made one cell we rose,
Then on to placenta for repose.
Gestations influences many
Make for outcomes wide ranging plenty
There’s no such thing as  a ‘real he man’.
YY chromosomes alone can’t stand.
XX had to come first there’s no doubt.
All XY does is genders spread out,
Break up and X, what you get is Y.
That’s the basis for the first ever guy.
Three-fourths  of all gender sex is X.
So follow them and see what comes next.
Chances far out past statistical noise
That humans can make sex ID. choice.
Mom’s ‘water’ Brownian Movements
Alone permute vast unique events.
Consider the true hermaphrodite,
See is some moralists get them right.
These folks want a license to marry!
KABOOM! Let all our ‘brains’ now scurry.


Our specs let’s say are basic DNA.
Chromosome blueprints deployed they lay.
Base pairs 20K, Genes 4K we ride.
From them guide our brains,bodies and our hide.

“Blame”, euphemism for slinging shit.
Our I.D. from life’s stream is what we get.
Extrapolate hetero homo bi
Interpolate polymorphous slut’s cry.

So when our cloacae trend their run
Surely our lifelong bar-codes fully done.
Let’s spare our err, “There but for God go I”.
All look now to the sky, heave heavy sigh.

Now take care, love, admire, respect all life
Despite new pleasures now culturally rife.
Go Via Agra and See Alice fake
Gender I.D. you see not ones’ to take.

Cloacae in cultures the dimensions
Trying to fit without cruel tensions.
Matter of truth no longer conjecture
Blameless all are in life’s ancient vector.

To make, engineer, construct wondrous souls
From fertilized eggs toward given goals
Resource said plan materiel code tome
So in stream eddies find your, “I am home!”
We now are in genome de nom de nom.

Counterintuitives of the Hoary

In sleep, muscles go all limp,
So all night bone joints agimp.*
Thus knees’, backs’ arthritic pain
When you awake is what you gain.

Stretch, yawn, stand; aches, hurts lessen.
Snug, tight garb need the lesson.
Close fit flight suits,** not jammies
Give those pains needed whammies.

Exoskeleton schemes may
Keep joints aligned; save the day.
When we wake, up muscles tone.
This we learn if old we’ve grown.

Joint damage olds’ nocturnal
Add to days’ sprains infernal.
‘Sleep tight.’your good parents said.
This way forward you they led.

Help out when old skin goes loose.
Nighttime muscle tone no use.
Support the skin, brace the bones
Less pain weekdays you will own.

Seems all backwards does it not.
Try it some not pills a lot.
If well done, little to lose.
Take it from this hoary muse.

* When muscle tone weakens because of lowered consciousness of sleep states
and skin elasticity weakens because of age the skeletal joints lose normal
alignment and integrity joints become painful because of gravity and body weight.

** Flight suits are form fitting garments often insulated and modifiable by midriff belts and multiple zippers, made in one piece meant to withstand forces of gravity and conditions likely in high flying aircraft and space vehicles.