Our specs let’s say are basic DNA.
Chromosome blueprints deployed they lay.
Base pairs 20K, Genes 4K we ride.
From them guide our brains,bodies and our hide.

“Blame”, euphemism for slinging shit.
Our I.D. from life’s stream is what we get.
Extrapolate hetero homo bi
Interpolate polymorphous slut’s cry.

So when our cloacae trend their run
Surely our lifelong bar-codes fully done.
Let’s spare our err, “There but for God go I”.
All look now to the sky, heave heavy sigh.

Now take care, love, admire, respect all life
Despite new pleasures now culturally rife.
Go Via Agra and See Alice fake
Gender I.D. you see not ones’ to take.

Cloacae in cultures the dimensions
Trying to fit without cruel tensions.
Matter of truth no longer conjecture
Blameless all are in life’s ancient vector.

To make, engineer, construct wondrous souls
From fertilized eggs toward given goals
Resource said plan materiel code tome
So in stream eddies find your, “I am home!”
We now are in genome de nom de nom.

Embryology Prevails

People can no more voluntarily maintain control of their sexual identity experience than they can control their breathing.

People can control their breathing or sexual orientation for a few minutes.

Like breathing, people can hold an ‘as-if’ sexual identity briefly or speed it up or slow it down, or do it deeply or quietly and in shallow fashion. Breathing can be irregular, explosive, asthmatic, blue bloaters and pink puffers, medicated with tobacco, pot; so can sexual identity being, but eventually over the long haul both breathing and sexual identities eventually conclude to the embryological baseline.

Very little indeed is so awesome as the under-informed or ill-informed in action. Moral tragedies may happen when such well-intended frames sway the day.

Forget about seriously meandering in the gender identity disorder (GID). A person’s gender identity is just that, that person’s gender identity and not in and of itself a ‘disorder’. Disorders may occur in any person no matter what their gender identity is. They may be unhappy, depressed, manic, have influenza or lung cancer. Their identity however is what it is and it is not a disorder per se.

“Gender/Sexual” ‘identity’ experience across lifetimes is symphonic with individual key signatures, lyrical range, evolution and progression. The first movement starts with sounds of nutrition and health contributed by donors of sperm and egg. The evolution of timbre is determined by the gestational uterus. Nutrition and health remain basic throughout musical continuity. Now social overtones. Mother is now the conductor and the beauty of the music depends on the skills of the sections sensing the first violinist.

Oh Say Can You Sex

Prior to acting on judgmental or juridical positions about sex-gender identities and behavior, a minimal requirement, moral duty and wisdom, is to know fully the facts to date and intelligent imagination of human embryology.
It is essentially fundamental that in predominant consequence, the sexual identity of a person is embedded primarily in the embryology of the cloaca and its innervation under both biological and environmental influences.